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XFX - Myriad

XFX - Myriad - XFX Group

XFX - Myriad



It works with an automatic microtendency recognition system, which provides information using 10 parameters, 5 of which are indicators created by XFX Group.

According to the signals provided by these indicators, adding to the collected market data, it will generate specific operations in a determined moment of the market, generating unique operations of few minutes.

In case these operations fail, the system has a "Recovery Mode" which generates additional trades to counteract the market and come out positive.

This EA adapts to your Balance (It has an intelligent AutoLot management), so you don't have to worry about what minimum or maximum balance you should have, it manages itself only.

The success rate of this EA is over 90%, as you can see in our Backtest.


  • Account:
    It works on any type of MT4 account.
  • Minimum Recommended Balance:
    There is no minimum balance
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server):
    Yes, it is highly recommended.

That includes the purchase:

  • Manual in PDF.
  • Different Setfiles.
  • Software Updates.