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XFX - Fractal



It works with 10 Technical Indicators, which 8 of them evaluate possible changes of tendency in specific moments of the market.

The remaining 2 Indicators are executed as triggers of the trades, to execute a purchase or a sale.

All operations have StopLoss and TakeProfit, so you can have control of your risks.

This System does not operate constantly, it only executes operations when the market is in the precise conditions.


  • Account:
    It works on any type of MT4 account.
  • Minimum Recommended Balance:
    The amount you want, you just have to change the parameters based on your deposit.

    * This is just a recommendation, You are responsible for your account.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server):
    Yes, it is highly recommended.

That includes the purchase:

  • Manual in PDF.
  • Different Setfiles.
  • Software Updates.